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Anastasia Kobekina suggests the history of the cello through ellipses, jumps in time between pieces from the 18th century, among the very first written for this instrument alone (Boccherini, Fesch, Galliard), and others from our time (Thierry Escaich, Jules Matton) which draw their writing processes and their sound palettes from the ancient repertoire. Whether it is a question of nostalgia, sometimes ironic, of homage or of intellectual and artistic transmission between composers, the compositions for cello are never born ex-nihilo. By returning to the sources of the Baroque era, composers write the present and the future of the cello. Anastasia Kobekina blurs the boundaries by building indescribable bridges between their so diverse writings.

Released: April 2022


Watch the trailer to my album
with wonderful pianist Paloma Kouider

Released: October 2018


"Music of my father had always a very special role in my life. First pieces he wrote for me when I was just 6 years old and since then I performed quite a few works of him. It was a long time ago, that I had an idea to record his music with him and finally the CD is here. It fully represents musical style of my father, his passion to melodic lines, his wish to tell the story within even short 3 minutes piece.


You can hear on the Cd works for cello solo, like "Summer evening with a cuckoo",  "Satyr and Nymph", "Galliarda for cello and tambourine", as well as pieces for cello and piano "Romance of town", "Sappho" and "Allegro romantico", recorded together with my father". - Anastasia Kobekina

Released: October 2018

"Ihr Spiel ist ungemein poetisch" .


- Pizzicato magazine 


"Einfühlsam und nuanciert".


- Süddeutsche Zeitung


"Simply gripping. Record of the year for 2019".

- Ludwig van Toronto


Released: April 2019

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